8 Ways to Get Free or Low-Cost Dog Food

Puppy with its tongue out

When households fall on hard times, it can sometimes be difficult to afford food for our pets. There are many dog food options available in-store, but they can become expensive when our budget doesn’t allow it. Luckily, there are other ways to provide your dog with the healthy food that they need without breaking the bank!  Here are some ideas on where you can find free or low-cost dog food.

Ways to Get Free or Low-Cost Dog Food


There are many online coupon websites that provide coupons for dog food. These include Coupon Mom, Eversave, and RetailMeNot. You can also find printable coupons in the Sunday paper or on grocery store receipts!  This is a great way to save money without having to spend any precious resources.

Pet Shelters

Pet shelters are another place where you can find free or low-cost pet food. This food is usually reserved for dogs that have been rescued and are waiting to be adopted. You can call your local shelter or visit their website in order to find out where you should go or what the requirements of adopting a dog from them are.

Pet Based Non-Profit Groups

There are many pet-based non-profits that are willing to help in times of need. These groups will usually offer free or low-cost dog food and supplies to people with financial difficulties. You can also find a list of these organizations by visiting your local animal shelter or looking online.

If you have a pet food bank in your area, they may also offer low-cost dog food to those who need it most. You can find these organizations by going online and searching for “pets” or “pet food banks.”

Veterinary Clinics

Check at your local vet to see if they are able to help you. After all, vets usually become vets because they love animals. They want to help people take care of their pets so they may be able to provide some free or low-cost dog food, as well as other necessities.

Even if your vet doesn’t offer price-reduced products, they may lower the price of their services if you tell them you’re having difficulties. Many vets partner with charitable organizations to help people with financial difficulties.

Pet Stores

Some pet stores may be willing to sell products at a reduced price. Even if the store is not able to lower their prices, they may be willing to donate some dog food or offer you special deals on other pet supplies that you need.

Some stores also have regular programs for people who are unable to purchase enough dog food for themselves and their pets because of financial difficulties.

Religious Institutions

Many places of worship also run a food bank for their members to supplement their own groceries in times of need. These institutions normally rely on donations. These institutions normally rely on donations. Because donations can vary, they ​may also receive dog food.

A search on your city or town’s website should give you a list of churches, synagogues and mosques that offer free or low-cost services for their members. Don’t discount these places if you are not a member. Many simply want to give assistance to those in need.


Manufacturers may also be an option if you are looking for free or low-cost dog food. Some companies offer coupons or promotions for free food. Other manufacturers may also be an option to check out, even if you don’t see them offering anything like this online. If you don’t see any offers on a manufacturer’s website, you can quickly send them an email. You’ll be surprised by what you can receive if you just ask.

Other Places to Cut Costs

Using the above suggestions, you’ll likely be able to find assistance to feed your pup. There are other places you can turn to as well when you are in need. Be sure to check:

  • If your vet will provide services or products at a reduced rate.
  • Local aid groups often have a social media presence that can offer assistance. Check on places like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Manufacturers often give out free samples of their foods. Check their websites to see. They may ask for a review online in exchange for products though.

Anyone can fall on hard times, but it’s nice to know that there are many groups out there to help.