Electric Invisible Fences for Dogs: Pros and Cons

Electric Invisible Fences for Dogs

In general, an electric fence is an actual fence, even though it is practically invisible. To install this kind of fence, you need to plug the radio device inside of your house. That device will create a radius of radio signal around itself. You can customize the range of the radius. Your dog will have to wear a special collar, and a radio signal is detected by it.

When a dog with that collar gets too close to the fence, the collar will first make a sound to warn the dog, and if it doesn’t move away from the fence, the collar will deliver a light shiver, also known as a static correction. The dog, with proper training, will know where the property barrier is and won’t run away.

Electrical fences: Pros

Low ownership cost

Although some electric fence systems for the dog are expensive, compared to the cost of physical barriers, most of them are affordable with much better end results. Even self-installation is possible for some of the models. There is hardly any maintenance cost after the initial setup.


Most of the fences come with a recommendation of being installed by professionals; they are not hard to install yourself. Which means you can move them if you need to. That is, you can configure them to meet your future needs and desires. Invisible fences are independent of the types of terrain. They can span over water, wooded areas, or hilly spots. Depending on your need, you can decide to keep acres of large exercise area for your dog or a cozy little space.


Electric fences are quicker to install than conventional enclosures. It’s only about trenching and laying wire, contrary to laying fence posts, nailing boards, welding iron, or rolling wire for traditional fences. These electrical fences are not power-hungry, so you shouldn’t expect a significant increase in your next electricity bill. Invisible fence batteries are mostly rechargeable as well.


Some dogs have the tendency to dig under, chew through, or climb over fences. Electric invisible fences completely take these problems out of the equation. There is no physical entrance, so no chance of you forgetting to close the door behind.

Electrical fences: Cons

Distress or Discomfort

The dog will have some unpleasant moments until it learns about this invisible boundary. If the shock is too mild, the dog may completely learn to ignore it. And the big problem is that we, as humans, cannot determine what that sweet spot of uncomfortable shock is.

Also, for each dog, it will be different. You have to decide for your dog as nobody knows it better than you do. If you feel that your dog is suffering, you should try another alternative.

Lack of protection

Although an electric dog fence prevents dogs from leaving the enclosure, it cannot prevent other animals from entering the yard. It can be a huge problem in areas where stray dogs or wild animals are common. Also, during power-cut, the whole fence system is completely non-functional. It also comes with the same perks as any electrical system that depends on batteries.

Barrier frustration

Your dog can show some fear-based behavior or aggressive backlash from the frustration of seeing other dogs in the neighborhood freely running around while it cannot join in. With increasing frustration, the behavior may escalate to barking, growling, and lunging at the approaching stimulus, and it can even put the dog at risk for biting a person or another dog if they ever cross the fence line and come into the yard.

Behavioral Issues

By nature, dogs are friendly and playful animals. If your dog sees a friendly person or a dog, it will be quite natural for it to run to them, forgetting about the training, which can generate the shock. This may be stressful and can make your dog moody, depressed or aggressive.

Once playful and happy, dogs could potentially develop fears towards noises or vibrations. It may create a psychological problem that can lead to some physical concerns. Dogs sometimes bite and scratch themselves from anxiety, and that can develop skin issues. If you notice any significant changes in your dog’s behavior, you should dismantle the electrical fence.

Electrical fences can be an amazing tool for dog owners or maybe a wrong choice. Your dog’s health and safety come first before you choose one. 

Like all technological improvements, electrical fences for the dogs have some good and some underwhelming aspects. You should be aware of those before you decide to invest in such a system.