What to Look for in a Cat Sitter

Woman hugging a small cat

If you are a busy professional or even if you’re just going on a vacation with the family, you might be looking for a cat sitter. But do you know what qualities make a good cat sitter? Here’s what to look for in a cat sitter:

They Know About Cats

This might be an obvious quality, but you might not think about it in your sitter search. You’re probably going to be busy thinking about the other qualities this person should have that you might overlook the obvious concern: does this person know about cats?

They don’t have to come over and know your cat’s specific breed, but they should know what to expect. Some cats are super shy around new people or they may be super vocal. However your cat acts, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when your future sitter comes to meet your cat. They should be accepting of and patient with your cat no matter how they act.

They Like Cats

Another obvious trait of a cat sitter would be liking cats. They should be able to read your cat’s body language and know that they should let your cat approach them. If a candidate seems uncomfortable when your cat jumps into their lap or rubs against their leg, you might consider looking elsewhere.

They Have Credentials

A cat sitter doesn’t need to be certified, though that doesn’t hurt. By credentials, we mean that your future cat sitter should have a list of at least a few people that would recommend them. If a candidate doesn’t provide any references or if they are just getting started with cat sitting, you should see if you can get any more information about their history.

A person with no previous sitting experience won’t necessarily be bad, but you should just double check that you can trust this person in your home and with your cat. If they are younger, see if they can get a recommendation from a teacher or a coach. If they are a little older, see if they have any personal references to help you make your decision.

They Consider all the Details

When you trust someone to take care of your cat, you should be sure you give them as much information as they’ll need to be successful. You should obviously tell them about your cat’s feeding schedule or if they take any medications.

Your cat’s normal schedule is important. A good cat sitter should be concerned about your cat’s favorite activities or toys. Does your cat like to nap in a certain spot with a certain toy, or do they like to be left alone for most of the day? A thorough sitter will want to know the answers to these questions.

They Connect with Your Cat

Anyone who deals with animals knows that the animal may not warm up immediately. That’s perfectly fine. It’s important though that your cat sitter seems to be on the same page with your cat. They shouldn’t be trying to pick up your cat if they are struggling to get away. Likewise, if your cat is trying to show affection, your sitter should be accepting of this and not brush your cat away.

They Seem Trustworthy

Our last trait to look for in a cat sitter is simply someone who seems trustworthy. Knowing cats and meshing well with your cat is very important. But equally important is having a sitter you can trust.

This person will be in your home. They will also be solely responsible for the health and wellbeing of your cat. Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing a cat sitter:

  • Does this person seem like they’ll be responsible?
  • Do they seem like someone you want to accept into your home and your life?
  • Do their references and referrals check out?

Looking for someone to watch over your cat while you’re gone shouldn’t be too difficult. Take your time and trust your instincts when hiring a cat sitter.