Author: Rebecca Bretana

  • Is It Really Necessary to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

    Dog with a brush teeth in his mouth

    Dogs are known for being the perfect pet. They are cute, loyal, and so much fun to play with. However, they can also be a little gross sometimes. Most people do not realize that brushing your dog’s teeth is just as important as feeding them or taking them out for walks.

  • Do Dogs Dream?

    Dog dreaming covered on a white bed

    Do dogs dream? The answer to this question has been debated for a long time. Some believe that they do, while others think that it is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of dog owners.

  • 8 Ways to Get Free or Low-Cost Dog Food

    Puppy with its tongue out

    When households fall on hard times, it can sometimes be difficult to afford food for our pets. There are many dog food options available in-store, but they can become expensive when our budget doesn’t allow it.

  • How to Bathe Your Dog at Home

    Man bathing his dog

    Grooming your dog is an important part of having a dog. You have to keep them clean not only to keep your home from getting dirty but to keep them healthy and safe.

  • What to Look for in a Cat Sitter

    Woman hugging a small cat

    If you are a busy professional or even if you’re just going on a vacation with the family, you might be looking for a cat sitter. But do you know what qualities make a good cat sitter?

  • Are Cats Carnivores? And Answers to Others Cat Nutrition Questions

    Cat eating balanced food

    Most people feed their dogs and cats a simple diet that usually involves kibble from a bag. But is this the best diet for our pets? A common question people ask, “Are cats carnivores?” Today we’ll answer that questions and other common nutrition questions.

  • Preparing Your Cat for Air Travel

    Cat getting out of a crate for travel

    Traveling by air with a cat is challenging, and stowing poses another challenge to your plans. Preparing your cat for air travel will be the most important step before your flight.

  • Seven Dogs Who Love the Winter

    Two Siberian huskies over the snow

    For you, winter is probably a time where you would rather pour a cup of something hot than go outside to take your dog for a walk. However, there are a number of dogs though that would like nothing better than to feel the snow beneath their paws.

  • Preparing Your Dog for Air Travel

    Woman on an airplane traveling with a pet

    While many people have put off air travel recently, it is still sometimes necessary. For some people, travel includes their pet dog. Here’s what you need to know about preparing your dog for air travel.

  • What are the Best Farm Dogs?

    Border collie walking with many sheep

    Humans and dogs have had a relationship for thousands of years. Usually, there is a bit of a give and take where humans care for their four-legged friends, who in turn provide a service. In many countries, dogs have an important role on the farm. What are the best farm dogs?